Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Offline, Online and Back Again

YouTube has been and continues to be a breeding ground for a new generation of celebrities. I've written before about some of the best practices to pursue and develop an influential channel and how to use the social platform to address consumers. Several YouTube stars have managed to expand their brands offline and successfully engage with fans through other, more traditional means; kind of rounding out the brand presence.

Adweek recently ran a cool story about three women who did just that. Each had started her own YouTube channel to express certain interests and play with the freedom of uploading personal content. Michelle Phan, Rosanna Pansino and Bethany Mota candidly admit that they never intended to develop a brand or even a small army of followers. Now these women are YouTube icons and the faces of the social network's latest marketing push. They're also pursuing their own new ventures and enjoying the rare opportunities that come along with the fame.

Mota teamed up with AĆ©ropostle and developed a special clothing line for the store, and she is currently a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, partnered with Derek Hough(!). Phan created a makeup collection for L'Oreal, as well as starred in a national Diet Dr. Pepper commercial. Pasino worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where fans have chosen to use their wishes to meet her.

This article supports the notion that social is great, but can often pack a more powerful punch when coupled with offline endeavors.

It's awesome to see how YouTube supports the big-name content creators and even awesomer that the social network chose three smart women to spearhead its national campaign.

Adweek article here.

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